4 Signs of a Professional Alternative Wedding Photographer

alternative wedding photographerWhat does it take to call an alternative wedding photographer professional? Aside from the usual signs of a wedding photographer, being alternative needs you to be a bit different than usual. You are, after all, working for couples who like to be different from the public, the anti-mainstream team.

Ready for new things

You’re not just about to shoot in new wedding venues. You might have to shoot in places that no others have ever taken wedding pictures at before. Sometimes, they are deep in the forest, high in the mountains, or simply in an unconventional location in the city. You can never expect where your next wedding is going to take you.

That doesn’t mean that you will be shooting in such places all the time. You will definitely still receive a request from couples who choose to do it the classic way and you can just shoot according to the tone.

To prepare, you will need to look up inspiration constantly on unique wedding photography ideas. While it’ll all boil down to your creativity, there’s always a way to help your brain rack out something faster.


Shooting in unique places may mean that you are often facing situations that you’re not prepared of. Insurance, especially to protect your gears, will do good in the long run. You never know when you’ll crack your camera on a rock or bump into a tree and break the lens. You might lose your gears as you shoot in a crowded place.

A famous alternative wedding photographer from http://lianamitrea.com/  tells us a bit about this. Not insuring your gears is like waiting for a ticking bomb to explode and cause damage to your career. You don’t know when it’s going to cost you so much just to get back the gears. And then there’s the fact if you lose the pictures, you’ll have to deal with the consequences, too.

Professional discussion

If you know that your job entails shooting people you’ve never seen before in a setting you are not familiar with at all, you need to prepare well beforehand. That means you shouldn’t be trying to act like you know everything and keep the discussion short. Ask your client and let them tell you everything they are concerned about their wedding photography.

The discussion should be well facilitated. Pick up all their calls, set up a meeting if necessary, ask questions if you have anything you’re not clear about. Make them feel like you really care.

Show your previous work

You might meet a client who requests something similar to what you did before. Offer them to see the pictures that you previously worked on. Have them sound their opinions on and tell you if there’s anything they like in particular about it. It’s best if they can also tell you what they think could be better. That way you can avoid doing the thing they don’t like about it.

As an alternative wedding photographer, you’re not always met with people that go with ‘alternative’ weddings. You also won’t keep on working in your comfort zone, making it hard to pinpoint whether you’re a professional in the field, yet. But following this advice will definitely help you get somewhere.

5 Headshot Rules Photographers Need to Obey

headshot photographerHow do you take headshots that show a good expression according to how your clients want them to be? It’s easy to get smiling pictures, but it’s not easy to direct your client to smile the way you want them to. And it’s especially important that you also decipher what your client wants to do with their pictures and how they want to look like in them.

Listening to clients

While people think that clients are the people that listen the most to a headshot photography, it’s the opposite. A photographer has to learn to listen to his clients first. You don’t know how to direct them if you don’t know what they want. Building rapport is also part of your job and it can be done if you listen to your client.

You need to know what kind of pictures your client needs and the purpose of them. You need to know whether they want to appear positive and cheerful, serious and professional, or elegant and sophisticated. Depending on the use, it’ll have to show the client in a different presentation.

Build rapport

Ask them about their hobbies and personal favorite movies, small talks like that. Rapport is something that will help you a lot during the process. You can better direct your client if they like you and feel comfortable around you. Otherwise, they may have a hard time to even smile naturally.

Not just any professional can crack up jokes and break the ice as well as the headshot photographer from  www.theheadshotstudio.co.uk . Headshots  by Sharan often show the clients in elated mood as they just finished laughing and simply having fun. That’s right, feeling happy, makes it easier for your client to pose and smile naturally to the camera.

Suggest what to wear

In headshot, appearance is everything. They need to look perfect in one glance, and that means what they wear matters. It’s important for you to learn about fashion slightly, at least what’s new and what’s not. Different use of pictures will require a different type of clothing. However, there’s one basic rule: do not wear something that is too much.

Meaning, your client can wear her best, but don’t let her wear a fedora or formal suit for a headshot session. Don’t allow makeup that covers her original skin tone. Let her face remain original and not plastered with thick layers of foundation and powder.

Complementing background

In headshot photography, people typically want to appear professional. The usual background color that people use is grey or black. However, there might also be the time that you can go with a different color of the background, so long as it complements your client’s look and clothing.

Don’t let your background remain a plain grey or black. Use backgrounds with simple patterns or gradient to give more life to the picture.

Control your editing

The pictures that your client wants to see are them in their best look. Not them with a whole new face structure. You can keep the flaws, such as freckles and wrinkles there. Editing is supposed to make your client look best in a human way. Not into something that when they show it to others, people won’t recognize them from the headshots.

Wedding Rehearsal: Are You Inviting Your Wedding Photographer?

wedding photographer AdelaideWhen you consider the people that are invited to your rehearsal, you think about whether or not it is in norm to do so. Sometimes, clients think that a wedding rehearsal followed by dinner is a time for the two families to spend some time together. Others think that vendors like your wedding photographer Adelaide deserve to be invited.

What should you do and what are the implications of whether or not your invite your wedding photographer?

To know the place

The first thing that photographer gets from being invited is that they get to know about the venue with you. It gives them the chance to visit the place while meeting your family members as well. It’s especially useful if it’s your photographer’s first experience of shooting in that particular place.

Being at the venue in person will also give them a better idea on the right setting to use for their camera. They can also plan additional equipment to bring if necessary.

To know your family

Another job of a photographer is to get to know the families. The significant of whether they know the person that will be shooting before the wedding is quite huge. It can impact the expression that they’ll show in front of the camera later on. The more familiar and relaxed they are around the photographer, the better the results of the pictures will be.

It’ll also put your family members at ease if they know their photographer before the wedding day. It gives them a sense of being shot by someone they’ve known before. A wedding photographer Adelaide like panacheweddings.com.au won’t pass up the chance because of this.

To feel more comfortable with them

You can also feel the positive effect of having your photographer attending the rehearsal. Being the main character of the day can bring stress to you. It can affect your mood and you might even feel burdened on your supposedly happy day. But, with knowing that you have someone trusted around you, instead of feeling like you have a stalker for the whole day can lessen that burden.

Comfort, again, is something that plays a big part in your expression and results of the pictures. The more relaxed you are, the better your pictures will be.

To show respect

Many photographers, regardless of whether they’ll come or not, feel more respected if they know their clients are inviting them. It tells them that they matter in the preparation of the special day and that their coming will be very much appreciated.

You can choose whether or not to invite them to the dinner as well, but most photographers won’t mind it.

For a better wedding

Lastly, you never know if your photographer has something up to his sleeve. He might be more experienced and knows when a wedding preparation isn’t right. He can give his honest opinions to help you reconsider. As there are still a few days or weeks before your wedding, it’ll do you well to think carefully about it.

And any professional wedding photographer Adelaide would offer their suggestions free of charge! Just as long as you remember to send that invitation to your rehearsal.

Why Is An Insured Photographer Better?

Hertfordshire wedding photographerAmong the list of things, a professional photographer should have, insurance is often overlooked. While it’s true that insurance bears more benefits to the person who took it out than us, there’s something we need to know. Insured photographers will also protect us and give us a sense of security indirectly.

Why would an insured Hertfordshire wedding photographer be better for our sake?

Sense of commitment

If you’re committed to something, you’re more likely to spend more and be determined to make sure that nothing will come in the way. For example, you’re committed to your partner and that’s why you’re willing to procure a house, car, plan for your wedding carefully, so on and so forth. You wouldn’t want to risk the relationship and try your best to keep a happy family life.

That’s also how a photographer would do if he’s serious about the job. Taking out an insurance would mean they are putting a lot on the line. They don’t want problems to hinder them from delivering professional quality service to clients.

Protect themselves for you

Sometimes, unfortunate things happen outside our power and we’ve got no choice but to accept it. If a thief should break in and screw with the photographer’s equipment, that’d be a bad thing. But insurance can cover even the full-price of the missing equipment and your photographer won’t even need to breathe a word about it.

The cost of that equipment can be pretty high and it’d be a big problem if they never took an insurance.

There’s also the factor where your photographer might cause an incident without the intention to. Like bumping onto an antique or leaning on a weak wall. Arguing over something like this would be awful, and that is why any experienced Hertfordshire wedding photographer like www.catherinepound.com would do well to have an insurance with them.

Wedding venues know it all

Some wedding venues make it a necessity that all wedding photographers who work at their location carry insurance with them. They will need them to show the proof of insurance and only then will let them work. Even venue owners know the importance of this and you can put this into your consideration as well.

It’s also a better thing if your photographer has an insurance. Therefore, you don’t have to go look for another in the case your venue owner insists that the photographer must have an insurance.

Peaceful wedding party

And part of it is to have a peaceful wedding experience. Unless the issue is on the photographer’s professionalism, almost every other problem can be solved if compensation is provided. Or that the photographer can pay for the loss himself. There are a lot of brides who are stressed out and disappointed because their wedding pictures came with a bitter taste.

Insurance is a way your Hertfordshire wedding photographer can use to protect themselves. Therefore, it shows that they’re committed and won’t cause much trouble when accidents happen. No matter how much we hope for, it’s always better safe than sorry in these situations. Your wedding day is one special day that cannot be replaced.

The Best Natural Wedding Photography: The Secret

natural wedding photographyThe recent trend in wedding pictures is to get a professional photographer that can provide top-class natural wedding photography. What does it take and how can you tell if your photographer is ‘natural’?

Being natural is all about a scene, a moment that happens because of the flow of time and the people in the right place. Such beautiful moments cannot be taken for granted and won’t happen again for you to have the pictures taken. Here are the secrets to get the gorgeous wedding pictures.

A veteran/experienced photographer

The first important thing is to know that the photographer isn’t a newbie. He has to be someone who has been at least quite a while in the field. This is precisely because beautiful moments can come without warning and all your photographer has is his camera and his wits to guess what will happen next. No one knows, but we can expect if we’ve worked the same job long enough.

A veteran tends to be agile in working. He won’t stumble as many times or bump into people as often. He knows what it takes to be as discreet about taking pictures as possible yet know when to be bold to get the best shot of the scene. Simply classroom education isn’t enough to justify their skills.

Natural-looking portfolios

To say that someone is professional means that someone can prove it. And that proof should be shown through his portfolios. A great bunch of natural wedding photography example that we want to show you guys is here: www.preciousredphotography.co.uk. The pictures are just gorgeous and so natural in its state. No stiff poses or awkward expressions.

Whenever you choose a photographer, make sure to focus more on their portfolios above everything else. No matter how good their lips service can be, it’s more important to see that their photography quality is high. Take the site we mentioned as an example of reference.

A listener

Someone who listens well is showing a great quality of a photographer. To become the observer of a wedding is the job of a photographer, so he can take pictures without intruding in it. Some photographers can make you stop in your track just to smile to the camera, a very awkward way to get a nice picture.

You want your guests to be enjoying their night, too, so the least your photographer can do is to bump into them or snap a shot too close to them. Even if it’s for your sake, they have to be someone that can be discreet and stays behind the scene.

Just be yourself

This is your wedding day, your most special day with your loved one. So, please, just enjoy the party and let go of all the worries! There’s no point in being too busy with taking of the party and stressing out about it. You’ve done so much just to make this day perfect and it’s just totally not worth it to spend the day stressed out!

Being yourself is also the best thing your photographer could ever ask. It is, after all, the most important ingredient in a beautiful natural wedding photography.

Breaking the Myths of Wedding Photography

Sheffield wedding photographerAlong the road in finding out about wedding preparations and wedding photography, there’s not a doubt that you’ll stumble into various sites giving contradicting opinions and facts. Some might be true, but for others, well, you’d do well by not listening to those at all.

Most of the time, you don’t get a second chance to celebrate another wedding. It’s normal to be confused and torn between different ‘expert advice’. Thus, we’d like to bust all those myths and hopefully, help you find the right Sheffield wedding photographer for the job.

Wedding pictures are not really important

Sort of like saying that memories are not important. Well, the very first reason you wanted to celebrate and invite people over is to share the happiness and ,hopefully, to remember this very day that mark the big changes in your life. Is that important? Can you really say it’s not important to at least keep a few professional-level pictures of your wedding?

The generation before you are people who can’t stand having a bunch of stiff and formal pictures of the day. But, you don’t have to do things exactly their way. These days, we prefer the natural and candid style of capturing the moment, so that’s what you should get. You shouldn’t ditch this important part for whatever reason unless you’re very tight on budget.

Have a relative or friend do the job

We don’t want to offend anybody, but firstly, if this friend or relative of yours is a professional photographer, then move on. You should be fine. But, if he’s not, let’s take a look at the risks.

If you check out any professional Sheffield wedding photographer offers, like www.focus-photography.co.uk, you’ll notice that they include a lot of service in the package. In fact, they understand the need of most of their clients after years of providing the service. They also know what kind of problems to expect, but your friend or relative won’t even be able to imagine it.

You’re risking something precious to people who are actually not up to do the task as good as you expect them to.

I should create a shotlist

Well, I suggest you stop making any kind of list and read this for a moment. Shotlist tends to contain a lot of suggestions and requests of things to capture, but oftentimes, they’re exaggerating. For example, your wedding photographer will do well to snap a few pictures of the cake without having you to remind him.

Surely, you want your photographer to be focused on the job, but you definitely don’t want to waste your money just like that do you? You’ve done well to hire a professional Sheffield wedding photographer who understands perfectly the basic things from wedding to have pictures taken of.

If you want to, keep your shotlist real short. You only need to remind things that are different from usual weddings, such as special performances from family members, or special decoration that mean a lot to you and your family.

Hopefully, you don’t let these myths in preventing you from finding the right guy for your once in a lifetime special occasion.

Newborn Photography: As a Parent, Where Do I Come In?

newborn photography CalgaryYou cannot – and I will advise you not to- let your baby crawl all by itself or find its way to the studio to have its first newborn photography Calgary shoot. Also note that your baby will not take care of itself during the photoshoot therefore, you are going to be very much involved as much as the photographer. The only difference, basically is that you will not be the one with the camera.

What with the responsibilities you have as a new parent, when taking your child for a baby photoshoot, you just might forget a few essential things.

What do you bring along?

There are lots of things you probably need to list out and take along with you for your child’s photoshoot. Your baby has to be happy throughout the duration of the shoot – even when asleep; has to be comfortable, clean and properly-fed.

Below are some things you should not forget to hold when taking your child for its photoshoot.

  • A toy you know your baby likes to hold on to or play with; and of there are none, a nice small toy will do. Make sure that the toy is not an object sharp enough to injure your baby or small enough to be swallowed.
  • Make sure you hold extra diapers. You don’t want to be stranded. You can’t rely on your photographer to have extras.
  • You should also remember to hold soft and sensitive baby wipes for when you baby possets or vomits and you need to cleans.
  • It is essential you pack a few towels too. When packing towels, factor in the texture and colour. The towels you hold should be soft and possible fluffy. Two or three towels will do. Your photographer should normally have these, but you don’t want to leave anything to chance.
  • You will definitely have a few beautiful clothes or dresses you want your baby to put on for the photoshoot. Remember to pack those too.
  • A blanket you like, which you might want to appear in the pictures, probably because it reminds you of grandma or some other people or event or a cap that reminds you of grandpa.

Your baby, Your responsibility.

Fortunately, that responsibility almost solely rests on you as the parent. Yes, the photographer (especially if she is a woman or better still, a mother like you) might play a part. However, a significant part rests on you. When you arrive at the studio like http://dulcebabyphotography.com/ or even if the newborn photography Calgary is happening in your home, your job basically is to complement the efforts of photographer.

  • Ensure that the room or studio has enough space to allow for free movement
  • Make sure that you are always watchful of your baby’s movement, especially when she is placed on a higher stand like an ottoman or sofa.
  • Be protective. If you feel uncomfortable with anything, you should speak out. However, you should respect your photographer’s opinion professionally.
  • You will be responsible for feeding or breast-feeding the baby when the time comes.
  • You will be responsible for cuddling your baby when she is about to cry.
  • You will be responsible for changing the napkin and cleaning up your baby’s mess.

Why, you might ask? Because you are the mother and in the newborn photography Calgary shoot, no one knows your baby more than you do.

Natural Wedding Photography Interview Questions

Top four questions to ask when interviewing a natural wedding photographer

natural wedding photographyGenerally, finding a god natural wedding photographer who has some experience taking pictures in natural-themed weddings isn’t so difficult. However, it is difficult narrowing down a lot of good, experienced and dependable wedding photographers from a handful to about two or three. It gets more complicated when you have decided to hold your wedding with little or no make-up on and have decided not to pose around too much and have the whole event hold in that beautiful garden. The stress of the day will definitely show on your face and you need a good photographer to hide them in the pictures. You cannot meet with fifteen photographers for an interview; yet an interview is highly recommended if you want to properly select the person to capture those beautiful moments without hiccups.

Choosing a wedding photographer to capture your natural wedding isn’t just about skill and experience. You HAVE to look at the photographer’s attitude and comportment during the conversation because you will be spending an entire day with him or her. When asking the necessary questions, you also attempt to unravel the person’s personality without asking personal questions and by observing.

With that said, below are the first set of questions you need to ask, in no particular order

  • Ask about the photographer’s style(s)

You want to know what styles are available, if it matches with what you want and if its affordable. It’s a crucial question as there are a number of styles – dramatic, lifestyle, documentary/photo-journalism, classic, artistic – out there to choose from, whether or not you are holding a natural wedding. Since you will be holding a natural wedding, it makes sense to have a natural wedding photographer like http://www.eyecapture.co.uk/  who can incorporate art into your pictures will be welcomed. Being fully aware that your photographs are going to live forever (or almost), you want to choose carefully the style and a photographer with the right skillset and experience for that style, especially one who can take good pictures utilizing the natural environment.

  • Ask who will take the photographs

Another crucial question. It’s imperative you ask this if you decide to employ the services of a studio. Usually, studios have a number of photographers to attend to different events. Ask for direct contact with the photographer. When you do, ask for the photographer’s portfolio and references from events or weddings in which he played a lead photographer’s role, especially wedding that took place in a garden or a natural environment.

Many clients have been disappointed when multi-person studios decide to abruptly change the photographer whom they have booked. Some studios can even attempt to pad a rookie photographer as a professional to advance his or her career. Not that there is anything bad having a novice – everyone started off at some point. However, you want to be assured of competence. Better still, if the studio is bringing a rookie to the table, ask them to attach an experienced photographer with him, who will play a lead role. That way, the studio gets to build the portfolio of their rookie and you get an experienced photographer handling your day. Win-win. If they [the studio] are not forthcoming, consider another studio or photographer.

  • Ask about the albums, what styles are available and at what prices

If there is another important question you have to ask, it’s about the wedding album. The album is the single most compendious and concrete asset you will have at the end of the wedding. Most photographers will offer you only one album style and will leave you high and dry after they have the photos and have been paid. To avoid unnecessary stories, ask about the albums, the price, looks and the durability of such albums. Make sure to let the photographer know that the album design and layout should beautifully show that you actually had a natural wedding

  • Ask about how many hours of coverage you are to expect and what is the charge for extra hours

For a natural wedding photographer he or she may have different working times. Some can work the whole day (six to eight hours). Others are more flexible in an attempt to make the package more affordable. The more hours you are allocated, the more you pay – that’s the general rule of thumb. If extra hours will be too expensive, you can ask the photographer to leave after a closing event, say after the last dance or after cutting the cake.

All About Wedding Album and Wedding Book

Pertshire wedding photographerThis is probably your first time knowing that wedding album and wedding book are two different things. Here you’ll know what to expect from your Pertshire wedding photographer on wedding pictures such as the price, how long until you get yours, and how many pictures are in there.

Wedding album vs. Wedding book?

So, where’s the difference? So far, you must be thinking that both have pictures in there and the difference is probably only on how they look. Well, there’s more to that.

Wedding album tends to cost more than books because of the quality. Wedding album has pictures printed on separate paper and causing it to look much thicker compared to photobooks. In book style, pictures are printed on both sides, so you usually get to have more pictures in wedding photobooks.


For wedding album, usually, the paper used is the type that you’d use to print out your pictures, Lustre paper (standard from photography). As for wedding book, there are several types of paper your Pertshire wedding photographer can be offering, or the printing company if you’re printing it yourself. The end product will have a glossy finishing on your pictures.


Quality-wise, wedding album always has the upper hand. Mostly because the paper is meant for pictures and is definitely more durable compared to press paper used in wedding photobooks.

Album and book

Most printing companies pay more attention when binding albums by using leather, linen, or other high-quality material. This also ensures that the album will last for a really long time. As for books, you can ask for either soft or hardcover or leatherette (synthetic leather). Leatherette has a shorter lifespan compared to genuine leather.


This is widely depending on the number of pictures you want in your album. Some photographers provide choices ranging from mini album to the original sized album for their clients. Typically, they cost from 300-500 dollars for 75-100 pictures in them. For wedding photo books, you can pay as low as three times cheaper, with more pictures included. Since photobooks use press printing, you can print on both sides which saves the cost. Hardcover will cost more than soft cover.

How many pictures?

As mentioned a bit before, wedding album typically has 75-100, with most people getting at around 80-90 pictures. Most photographers will initially provide you with choices of the album and a fixed number of pictures that can be included in there. But, the majority of the time, brides find themselves wanting to increase the number of pictures, which is entirely possible by adding a certain amount of fee.

The same goes for wedding photo books. But they are able to handle more pictures in them since you print on both sides and the paper is not as thick as the photo paper in albums.

How long does a wedding photographer need to finish?

Normally, wedding photographers are able to finish them in 4 months (after you finish selecting the pictures). You can see this on the contract form that you sign. Depending on how many pictures in the album, you’ll get it faster or slower than the agreed time. Some do take a little bit longer than 4 months. You’ll want to keep in touch with them to know the progress of your album.

Wedding Photography Must-Know for Couples

Napa wedding photographerThe wedding is getting real. The hype of getting engaged has calmed down and now is the time to start focusing on a bigger stage of your life. This also means that you need search suitable vendors.

But, before knowing that you’ve gotten yourself the right Napa wedding photographer, you need to have at least the basic knowledge. You’ll be able to make a better decision this way.

1.       Album vs. Book

Have you ever noticed that some photographers call the finish products as album while others, books? Yes, there’s different and generally, albums are more expensive. The reason lies in how your pictures are printed and the materials used for the covers. Books will have pictures printed on two sides of the paper and some of the pictures are spread across two pages. Albums have only one side of the paper printed with pictures.

2.       Digital vs. Film

Digital pictures don’t require a physical film except for a memory card. It is much more time-saving compared to the film which requires special care and technique.You can also preview the pictures as soon as you finish shooting and decide whether you should redo or take the pictures from a different angle.

According to experts, digital allows photographers a wider choice to experiment with lighting and angle.

As for the film, they are richer in highlights and shadows. Although they are older, they are not necessarily lacking in resolution and picture quality. A larger format picture when scanned can produce pictures equivalent up to 200 MP photographs. There’s also the overheating issue that film is never concerned with.

Cost-wise? Digital tends to be much cheaper.

3.       Style

There are several styles you need to know and get familiar with.

Classic/formal/posed pictures

This is a more traditional take on pictures. It is taken outside the wedding party is the typical picture that you’ll hang in your bedroom.

This is also the style that you use to take group pictures. This is off then the must-have in wedding photography. Parents and grandparents will typically love these pictures and would like to have a copy of these for themselves. You can consider them as a family portrait for your wedding event.


This is a documentary style where the story of your wedding is taken one-by-one as everything unfolds naturally. Typically, your photographer will not be interrupting or forcing you into posing in the middle of the event.

The upside of this is that your wedding will look very natural and original. Whenever you look back to your album, you will be able to look at it as if you are reliving the very day again.

Fine art

This is a more different take. You can say that it is more to how your photographer envisions the picture and realizing them by posing and positioning himself to get that particular shot. The result is mesmerizing and breathtaking pictures that look like an art that you’d want to brag to others about.

It often incorporates the weather and unexpected turn of event to create memorable pictures. Rain and snow, for example, makes a great addition to fill in the bland background. Playing with lighting to highlight several parts and dampen others is also a technique frequently used.

Relaxed/ life style

This has a lighter and laid back tone to the pictures. People are seen as enjoying themselves and simply laying on the grass or sitting on the couch chatting with each other. Lifestyle is more of a depiction of the daily life of a couple by taking pictures of the couple strolling through a local alley or posing in front of a landmark. Browse through http://catiecoyle.com/ for more examples of these pictures! She is a Napa wedding photographer who excels in relaxed photography style.


Most photographers will work by mixing all the different styles mentioned. But they will always have one style they are more skilled in.

Why Hire A Wedding Photographer Cardiff?

wedding photographer CardiffFinally, it’s closing in. Countdown to the D-day and you’re preparing everything for that special day. A phenomenon that happens only once with that special person. So that all the preparations and moments will not go to waste even after decades, you want them captured permanently. Memories may fade, but photos won’t. That is why, you will want quality, dedicated photographers that don’t simply play with cameras around parties, but ones that will treasure your special occasion like their own. This is where a professional wedding photographer Cardiff like Kate Adams Photography enters the frame.

Of course, there are important key points that you need to keep in mind when finding the right guy (for your photos).

Here’s to how:

  1. Don’t hire the photographer first; prioritize on where you will hold the occasion. Because only then you can…
  2. Decide how you want your pictures end up like. The moment you set your venue, you already have a style in mind and that will be what you’ll tell your photographer.
  3. Research and ask around. Do you have friends who are married? Ask for their recommendations. Go online and look through various portfolios and decide which will settle for the both of you.
  4. Talk about it. With the photographer, of course. Communicate everything you need: the time and place, what kind of photos you want, the price that they offer and so on. Don’t forget to ask for more portfolios they have worked on. Make sure that their style is what you really want.
  5. Decide on your own what do both of you like. Who catches your attention most? In the end, it is a matter of both of your personal taste.
  6. Discuss it again. And this time, you make sure that that person is the one photographer you want. Give a clear confirmation to the studio that you want that one photographer because a different person may come in on D-day.
  7. Check and recheck everything. If possible, have the photographer work for your photo shoot on engagement day. It’s a good chance to get to know the photographer’s style better.

If I may, these three adjectives are why your choice will end up on the Minneapolis photographers.


The right photographer has to be passionate. Of course, to capture the right moments, simply being diligent is not enough; you must have actual, strong emotions to what you are doing. This is why the wedding photographer Cardiff should be among your first choices: they work with passion.


You can only be with someone who is sincere with you; the same thing applies to photographers. A photographer takes pictures, while the wedding photographer Cardiff is a sincere photographer who keeps important moments and memories into his camera because he knows that these pictures will be priceless treasure to the couple.


The wedding photographer Cardiff shows the best artistic side of a wedding day. From the excitement of the friends to the touching scenes of the parents, these people will capture them all, the craziest moments to the most unforgettable ones.

And I shall wish you all the best for your party and your new journey in life with that special partner.

Wedding Photography: Prepare Before the Battle

What battle?

wedding photographer CardiffThe fight against uncooperative weather, minimum lighting, loud crowd and (too) bright sunlight! But in this short article, we will be addressing only one problem: rainy weather. What’s worse than having a gloomy weather during such a beautiful day?

Play along

Let it rain. It’s not like you can change the weather, so rather than insisting to wait until it clears up, use this rare chance to snap some romantic pictures! There are a lot of ideas you can try from and you can find them all over the internet. Of course, it’ll depend on the equipment, venue and time of the day.

But one of the golden rule a wedding photographer Cardiff can always count on is to bring a transparent, bubble umbrella. Why? Because it’s cute!

Seriously, your clients, at least the brides, are going to love the pictures so much. Having a transparent instead of a colored umbrella lets viewers see what’s behind the umbrella. Although it won’t be as clear (yes, this is a hint for you).

Do a lifestyle photo session while you’re at it. Running across the street or the field when it’s raining simply releases the soul of children we all always have in us. Make it fun!

If you want something hotter, they said that a kiss under the rain is one of the most memorable and hottest pictures to see. But to do this, you need to build a good relationship with them. They have to be comfortable enough to let you snap their intimate moments. On the other side, you may need to say a word or two to let them just release their love at that moment.

If you need to hide, make it count

If the rain prevents you from taking a clear sunny picture, then wait inside! Snap some indoor pictures while you’re at it. Wedding venues typically decorate their places well, so make use of this time to explore the inner side of the venue.

The view from the inside is also something you can use. Find a beautiful window and snap some aesthetic images.

Bring a raincoat and lens hood

This is not only common sense for a wedding photographer Cardiff. It is important that you protect the line of vision of your camera and prevent water drops from getting on the lens (unless that’s part of the picture that you want). You don’t want to turn your camera into a brick either, so don’t forget this.

Fast shutter

Since waterfalls quickly, the faster is the shutter, the clearer the images will be. Depending on how heavy the rain is, the slow shutter will create long lines along the pictures to almost-invisible rain.

Fast shutter creates a time-stop effect on pictures as the water drops stop midair. The slow shutter will give a more realistic feel to the images.

Wait for it to clear up

Pretty sure that every couple would like to have at least more pictures in the sunny weather. The best way is to wait for it to clear up and snap some after-rain pictures.

The damp and cold weather, as well as the dark clouds, give off a more serious, romantic and intimate feel. Make use of natural image reflector of pools and the seemingly new look of the location you’ve chosen.

Lots of people say that rainy pictures look amazing. But the fact is that they look good when matched with brighter pictures. Using gloomy pictures throughout the whole album will deaden the feel instead of creating a happy wedding album.

Great Ways To Plan Your Wedding

Stick to the traditional.

wedding photographers PortsmouthThis is not the right time for you to be experimental and to be adventurous. Although it would be fine to try that out for some wedding decors and for some of the details of the wedding, you should tone it down a bit and you should be careful when it comes to the aspect of overdoing it too much or you might have uncontrollable and unexpected results somewhere down the road. If you want to make sure that you have great wedding photos to boot, then don’t rely on the favors of a practicing photographer friend and hire out professional wedding photographers Portsmouth instead. If you want to have a great wedding cake, meet up with an established wedding baker. If you want to have a really great wedding dress, then book an appointment with a professional atelier. Don’t try out things that you haven’t really ventured into before because you might end up regretting your decisions somewhere down the road.

Veer away from the beauty trends.

Beauty trends are what they are exactly. They are trends. They come and go. Although blue lipstick might seem to be all the rage these days, the thing about something like this is that it might eventually make you cringe with the thought several years later and you are going to end up hating the fact that you didn’t listen to your wedding planner’s advice and keep things traditional all throughout the time that you are thinking things through and getting the plans worked out and established. A red lip has always been the staple and you should far favour that to the current nude lip trend. Nude lips can make you look washed out and pale in your wedding photos and your wedding photographers Portsmouth might advise you strongly about it so keep it simple and stick to what has been tested and proven so far, even when it comes to the aspect of your makeup.

Go for a makeup trial.

And speaking about the makeup that you are going to wear for the wedding, you should make it a point to have a test run, just so that you have more than enough info to go by with in the event that you haven’t really gone ahead and nailed down the kind of look that you would like to wear for the wedding day just yet. Bring your wedding photographers Portsmouth along in the makeup trial run as well because this can double over as your bridal shoot or even your engagement shoot.

Go for a lip stain.

A lip stain is something that is practical to wear during the day of the wedding. All of that wine drinking and eating and kissing and hugging could eventually wear out your lip color and it would be a hassle to keep on retouching your lipstick while you are at it. A lip stain is far more durable and long lasting. Go for something that is vibrant and for something that doesn’t wear out very easily.