4 Signs of a Professional Alternative Wedding Photographer

alternative wedding photographerWhat does it take to call an alternative wedding photographer professional? Aside from the usual signs of a wedding photographer, being alternative needs you to be a bit different than usual. You are, after all, working for couples who like to be different from the public, the anti-mainstream team.

Ready for new things

You’re not just about to shoot in new wedding venues. You might have to shoot in places that no others have ever taken wedding pictures at before. Sometimes, they are deep in the forest, high in the mountains, or simply in an unconventional location in the city. You can never expect where your next wedding is going to take you.

That doesn’t mean that you will be shooting in such places all the time. You will definitely still receive a request from couples who choose to do it the classic way and you can just shoot according to the tone.

To prepare, you will need to look up inspiration constantly on unique wedding photography ideas. While it’ll all boil down to your creativity, there’s always a way to help your brain rack out something faster.


Shooting in unique places may mean that you are often facing situations that you’re not prepared of. Insurance, especially to protect your gears, will do good in the long run. You never know when you’ll crack your camera on a rock or bump into a tree and break the lens. You might lose your gears as you shoot in a crowded place.

A famous alternative wedding photographer from http://lianamitrea.com/  tells us a bit about this. Not insuring your gears is like waiting for a ticking bomb to explode and cause damage to your career. You don’t know when it’s going to cost you so much just to get back the gears. And then there’s the fact if you lose the pictures, you’ll have to deal with the consequences, too.

Professional discussion

If you know that your job entails shooting people you’ve never seen before in a setting you are not familiar with at all, you need to prepare well beforehand. That means you shouldn’t be trying to act like you know everything and keep the discussion short. Ask your client and let them tell you everything they are concerned about their wedding photography.

The discussion should be well facilitated. Pick up all their calls, set up a meeting if necessary, ask questions if you have anything you’re not clear about. Make them feel like you really care.

Show your previous work

You might meet a client who requests something similar to what you did before. Offer them to see the pictures that you previously worked on. Have them sound their opinions on and tell you if there’s anything they like in particular about it. It’s best if they can also tell you what they think could be better. That way you can avoid doing the thing they don’t like about it.

As an alternative wedding photographer, you’re not always met with people that go with ‘alternative’ weddings. You also won’t keep on working in your comfort zone, making it hard to pinpoint whether you’re a professional in the field, yet. But following this advice will definitely help you get somewhere.