How to put “Asia” in your Wedding Photography

Asian weddings are great.

asian wedding photographyWhatever culture it is, a wedding will always be a joyous affair. The bountiful food, the traditional ceremonies, and the smiles from the guests are what make these celebrations of love worthwhile. It is, however, interesting to note that not all wedding are the same. In fact, Asian weddings are some of the most unique. They vary from country to country. This is most probably due to the rich culture each region has. Guests should expect that when they attend one Asian wedding they will see ceremonies that aren’t present in another. Thus, photographers who specialize in these weddings are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to cater to the dynamics of Asian wedding photography. Sadly, this knowledge may not extend to their clientele. If you are aiming to have an Asian wedding photography, here are a few secrets to help you get started.

Tip number one is to know the kind of Asian wedding you want.

As stated before, Asian weddings vary across regions and country. Each Asian wedding has its own set of traditions and ceremonies that are uniquely exclusive. As such, clients should know what type of Asian wedding they want so they can form a plan of action for their wedding photography. Photographers must know what parts of the ceremonies they should focus their camera work on. They need to know which event comes after which and the significance of that event is. The advantage of knowing this information is that you can use this as a guideline for planning your own Asian wedding photography.

Tip number two is to consider the lighting.

One distinct characteristic of an Asian wedding is that there are a lot of bold colours. From the flower decorations down to the formal attire of the guests, Asian weddings tend to be colourful affairs. When planning your wedding photography make sure to discuss what colours will be at your wedding. This will give your wedding photographer time to prepare the proper lighting for the shoot. Basically, to make your wedding photography distinctly Asian, there needs to be a mixture and a balance between the bold colours of your choice and the lighting. You don’t want to do a black and white wedding photography shoot when having an Asian wedding. It will definitely take away the “Asian-ness” in the wedding photography.

Tip number three is to make the culture the centrepiece.

The biggest asset of Asia lies in its culture. This is what everyone wants to see in your wedding photography. They want to see the culture of the certain Asian wedding reflected on film. Thus, it would be best if you coordinate with your wedding photographer to decide doing the shoot in a location which best reflects the Asian culture of your wedding. It wouldn’t be right if you plan to do the wedding photography on top of the Eifel tower when you are covering an Indian wedding. Also, to up the authenticity of your wedding photography, add in Asian trinkets to your photo shoots. Of course, make sure you don’t offend or cause disrespect when doing the wedding photography. You don’t want to do a social blunder. Follow these simple tips and you are well on your way for your Asian wedding photography.