The Best Natural Wedding Photography: The Secret

natural wedding photographyThe recent trend in wedding pictures is to get a professional photographer that can provide top-class natural wedding photography. What does it take and how can you tell if your photographer is ‘natural’?

Being natural is all about a scene, a moment that happens because of the flow of time and the people in the right place. Such beautiful moments cannot be taken for granted and won’t happen again for you to have the pictures taken. Here are the secrets to get the gorgeous wedding pictures.

A veteran/experienced photographer

The first important thing is to know that the photographer isn’t a newbie. He has to be someone who has been at least quite a while in the field. This is precisely because beautiful moments can come without warning and all your photographer has is his camera and his wits to guess what will happen next. No one knows, but we can expect if we’ve worked the same job long enough.

A veteran tends to be agile in working. He won’t stumble as many times or bump into people as often. He knows what it takes to be as discreet about taking pictures as possible yet know when to be bold to get the best shot of the scene. Simply classroom education isn’t enough to justify their skills.

Natural-looking portfolios

To say that someone is professional means that someone can prove it. And that proof should be shown through his portfolios. A great bunch of natural wedding photography example that we want to show you guys is here: The pictures are just gorgeous and so natural in its state. No stiff poses or awkward expressions.

Whenever you choose a photographer, make sure to focus more on their portfolios above everything else. No matter how good their lips service can be, it’s more important to see that their photography quality is high. Take the site we mentioned as an example of reference.

A listener

Someone who listens well is showing a great quality of a photographer. To become the observer of a wedding is the job of a photographer, so he can take pictures without intruding in it. Some photographers can make you stop in your track just to smile to the camera, a very awkward way to get a nice picture.

You want your guests to be enjoying their night, too, so the least your photographer can do is to bump into them or snap a shot too close to them. Even if it’s for your sake, they have to be someone that can be discreet and stays behind the scene.

Just be yourself

This is your wedding day, your most special day with your loved one. So, please, just enjoy the party and let go of all the worries! There’s no point in being too busy with taking of the party and stressing out about it. You’ve done so much just to make this day perfect and it’s just totally not worth it to spend the day stressed out!

Being yourself is also the best thing your photographer could ever ask. It is, after all, the most important ingredient in a beautiful natural wedding photography.

Natural Wedding Photography Interview Questions

Top four questions to ask when interviewing a natural wedding photographer

natural wedding photographyGenerally, finding a god natural wedding photographer who has some experience taking pictures in natural-themed weddings isn’t so difficult. However, it is difficult narrowing down a lot of good, experienced and dependable wedding photographers from a handful to about two or three. It gets more complicated when you have decided to hold your wedding with little or no make-up on and have decided not to pose around too much and have the whole event hold in that beautiful garden. The stress of the day will definitely show on your face and you need a good photographer to hide them in the pictures. You cannot meet with fifteen photographers for an interview; yet an interview is highly recommended if you want to properly select the person to capture those beautiful moments without hiccups.

Choosing a wedding photographer to capture your natural wedding isn’t just about skill and experience. You HAVE to look at the photographer’s attitude and comportment during the conversation because you will be spending an entire day with him or her. When asking the necessary questions, you also attempt to unravel the person’s personality without asking personal questions and by observing.

With that said, below are the first set of questions you need to ask, in no particular order

  • Ask about the photographer’s style(s)

You want to know what styles are available, if it matches with what you want and if its affordable. It’s a crucial question as there are a number of styles – dramatic, lifestyle, documentary/photo-journalism, classic, artistic – out there to choose from, whether or not you are holding a natural wedding. Since you will be holding a natural wedding, it makes sense to have a natural wedding photographer like  who can incorporate art into your pictures will be welcomed. Being fully aware that your photographs are going to live forever (or almost), you want to choose carefully the style and a photographer with the right skillset and experience for that style, especially one who can take good pictures utilizing the natural environment.

  • Ask who will take the photographs

Another crucial question. It’s imperative you ask this if you decide to employ the services of a studio. Usually, studios have a number of photographers to attend to different events. Ask for direct contact with the photographer. When you do, ask for the photographer’s portfolio and references from events or weddings in which he played a lead photographer’s role, especially wedding that took place in a garden or a natural environment.

Many clients have been disappointed when multi-person studios decide to abruptly change the photographer whom they have booked. Some studios can even attempt to pad a rookie photographer as a professional to advance his or her career. Not that there is anything bad having a novice – everyone started off at some point. However, you want to be assured of competence. Better still, if the studio is bringing a rookie to the table, ask them to attach an experienced photographer with him, who will play a lead role. That way, the studio gets to build the portfolio of their rookie and you get an experienced photographer handling your day. Win-win. If they [the studio] are not forthcoming, consider another studio or photographer.

  • Ask about the albums, what styles are available and at what prices

If there is another important question you have to ask, it’s about the wedding album. The album is the single most compendious and concrete asset you will have at the end of the wedding. Most photographers will offer you only one album style and will leave you high and dry after they have the photos and have been paid. To avoid unnecessary stories, ask about the albums, the price, looks and the durability of such albums. Make sure to let the photographer know that the album design and layout should beautifully show that you actually had a natural wedding

  • Ask about how many hours of coverage you are to expect and what is the charge for extra hours

For a natural wedding photographer he or she may have different working times. Some can work the whole day (six to eight hours). Others are more flexible in an attempt to make the package more affordable. The more hours you are allocated, the more you pay – that’s the general rule of thumb. If extra hours will be too expensive, you can ask the photographer to leave after a closing event, say after the last dance or after cutting the cake.

Awesome Natural Looking Poses In Wedding Photos

Do the looking down routine.

natural wedding photographyYou don’t have to take a look at the camera all the time when you are posing in front of your professional wedding photographer. Even if you have the notion that you need to be looking at the camera all the time, it doesn’t always have to be that way at all at some point or so. As a matter of fact, having a few shots wherein you aren’t looking directly at the camera can drum up photos that make you look mysterious and mesmerizing. This is something that you should try to tap into one way or the other. More often than not, your wedding photographer will try to capture these types of photos for you anyway so you might as well make sure that you get to take charge and do a few shots like this on your own. Focus more on the emotion of the moment. Don’t focus too much on the way you look. Although of course, you need to have that at the back of your mind all of the time, it doesn’t always have to be all about that at all. Play things up and switch things up a bit and you will soon see the value of injecting variety in the photos that are captured during the day of your wedding.

Getting ready shots.

Get the getting ready shots before the wedding taken into account. There is something about photos of the bride getting ready that sort of tells a story that at some point or so tends to bring the wedding photo album altogether. This is the type of thing that you should be aiming to achieve as much as you possibly can. It doesn’t have to take that long at all but the truth of the matter is that it is somewhat a bit of a prerequisite when wedding photos are being taken. There is a certain poetry to the aspect of the bride getting ready. It tends to make the bride look regal and human at the same time. This is something that is precious and something that you can definitely go ahead and look forward to as the recipient of your photographer’s major efforts in capturing the wedding photos from behind his camera.

You can be goofy.

Go with photos that show off your personality. It is what natural wedding photography is all about, after all. You don’t have to look serious and all posey in your photos all the time. It’s actually recommended for you to play around and even goof around with the rest of your entourage when you are posing for the camera. If natural is what you are going for, then personality is something that you should have in the photos no matter what happens.

The almost kissing shots.

This is something that you should try to go ahead and inject in the natural wedding photography shoot as much as possible. It looks natural and romantic.


The element of touch can be very powerful in natural wedding photography. Make sure that the group shots are always close to each other. There should be a bridge to the physical gaps in the photos that are being taken.