Newborn Photography: As a Parent, Where Do I Come In?

newborn photography CalgaryYou cannot – and I will advise you not to- let your baby crawl all by itself or find its way to the studio to have its first newborn photography Calgary shoot. Also note that your baby will not take care of itself during the photoshoot therefore, you are going to be very much involved as much as the photographer. The only difference, basically is that you will not be the one with the camera.

What with the responsibilities you have as a new parent, when taking your child for a baby photoshoot, you just might forget a few essential things.

What do you bring along?

There are lots of things you probably need to list out and take along with you for your child’s photoshoot. Your baby has to be happy throughout the duration of the shoot – even when asleep; has to be comfortable, clean and properly-fed.

Below are some things you should not forget to hold when taking your child for its photoshoot.

  • A toy you know your baby likes to hold on to or play with; and of there are none, a nice small toy will do. Make sure that the toy is not an object sharp enough to injure your baby or small enough to be swallowed.
  • Make sure you hold extra diapers. You don’t want to be stranded. You can’t rely on your photographer to have extras.
  • You should also remember to hold soft and sensitive baby wipes for when you baby possets or vomits and you need to cleans.
  • It is essential you pack a few towels too. When packing towels, factor in the texture and colour. The towels you hold should be soft and possible fluffy. Two or three towels will do. Your photographer should normally have these, but you don’t want to leave anything to chance.
  • You will definitely have a few beautiful clothes or dresses you want your baby to put on for the photoshoot. Remember to pack those too.
  • A blanket you like, which you might want to appear in the pictures, probably because it reminds you of grandma or some other people or event or a cap that reminds you of grandpa.

Your baby, Your responsibility.

Fortunately, that responsibility almost solely rests on you as the parent. Yes, the photographer (especially if she is a woman or better still, a mother like you) might play a part. However, a significant part rests on you. When you arrive at the studio like or even if the newborn photography Calgary is happening in your home, your job basically is to complement the efforts of photographer.

  • Ensure that the room or studio has enough space to allow for free movement
  • Make sure that you are always watchful of your baby’s movement, especially when she is placed on a higher stand like an ottoman or sofa.
  • Be protective. If you feel uncomfortable with anything, you should speak out. However, you should respect your photographer’s opinion professionally.
  • You will be responsible for feeding or breast-feeding the baby when the time comes.
  • You will be responsible for cuddling your baby when she is about to cry.
  • You will be responsible for changing the napkin and cleaning up your baby’s mess.

Why, you might ask? Because you are the mother and in the newborn photography Calgary shoot, no one knows your baby more than you do.

Newborn Photography Calgary: Why Couples Need Professionals

You just had a newborn baby and you are really excited about it! You want to take shots of your newborn baby and then you want to do it all by yourself or hire an amateur just because of the cost involved – this is a wrong move to make. Couples in Calgary, need tnewborn photography Calgaryo understand the importance of hiring an expert newborn photographer. When it comes to newborn photography for your child, hiring a professional is one of the best gift you can give to your child. In this article, we will discuss why couples in Calgary need professional newborn photographers.

  • You can get enough time for yourself to take photos of your newborn baby

You need to know that the first few weeks of your baby’s arrival will be tedious for you and you will not have the time even to take shots of your newborn baby. Due to this reason, it is important to take the stress away from you and your spouse and hire a professional newborn photographer in Calgary.

  • A newborn photographer has the best instruments

To get the beautiful photos of your newborn, you need a pro. You may decide to take pictures of your newborn, after all, you have an expensive camera at your disposal, right? But you are wrong. You can never get the best poses and photos of your newborn if you decide to take shots of your newborn yourself. Note that, when it comes to newborn photography, your baby needs the best props and lightings to get the best photos.

  • He has sound knowledge about newborns and how to take beautiful shots of them

As a couple, your baby is just a few days old and he/she is trying to adjust to the environment. You need a professional newborn photographer that understands how to take care of a newborn and take shots of them.

You need to know that your baby will be photographed in poses that may look dangerous for instance, you baby might be captured on top of a guitar or any other prop. But you need not worry about this if the photographer in charged is a professional one

  • You need a professional photographer for the editing processes

It is important to note that newborn photography is not all about just having a camera. You need to know that a good newborn photographer will surely check edit the baby’s photos to make them look appealing.

  • Everyone get to be in this photo

When you want to take your baby’s photos as the parent, your presence will be missing because you are behind the camera. A complete shot with the child is when both parent are present in the photos; this why you need a good newborn photographer. When your child grows up, he/she will be happy and see the smiles on his/her parent’s faces.

Now you have it! Couples in Calgary need professionals when it comes to newborn photography Calgary. As a couple, you can’t get the best photos when you decide to take the shots all by yourself. The arrival of your newborn child is a blessing and you need to spice it up with an expert behind the camera to give you quality photos of your newborn that you will keep reminiscing about.