All About Wedding Album and Wedding Book

Pertshire wedding photographerThis is probably your first time knowing that wedding album and wedding book are two different things. Here you’ll know what to expect from your Pertshire wedding photographer on wedding pictures such as the price, how long until you get yours, and how many pictures are in there.

Wedding album vs. Wedding book?

So, where’s the difference? So far, you must be thinking that both have pictures in there and the difference is probably only on how they look. Well, there’s more to that.

Wedding album tends to cost more than books because of the quality. Wedding album has pictures printed on separate paper and causing it to look much thicker compared to photobooks. In book style, pictures are printed on both sides, so you usually get to have more pictures in wedding photobooks.


For wedding album, usually, the paper used is the type that you’d use to print out your pictures, Lustre paper (standard from photography). As for wedding book, there are several types of paper your Pertshire wedding photographer can be offering, or the printing company if you’re printing it yourself. The end product will have a glossy finishing on your pictures.


Quality-wise, wedding album always has the upper hand. Mostly because the paper is meant for pictures and is definitely more durable compared to press paper used in wedding photobooks.

Album and book

Most printing companies pay more attention when binding albums by using leather, linen, or other high-quality material. This also ensures that the album will last for a really long time. As for books, you can ask for either soft or hardcover or leatherette (synthetic leather). Leatherette has a shorter lifespan compared to genuine leather.


This is widely depending on the number of pictures you want in your album. Some photographers provide choices ranging from mini album to the original sized album for their clients. Typically, they cost from 300-500 dollars for 75-100 pictures in them. For wedding photo books, you can pay as low as three times cheaper, with more pictures included. Since photobooks use press printing, you can print on both sides which saves the cost. Hardcover will cost more than soft cover.

How many pictures?

As mentioned a bit before, wedding album typically has 75-100, with most people getting at around 80-90 pictures. Most photographers will initially provide you with choices of the album and a fixed number of pictures that can be included in there. But, the majority of the time, brides find themselves wanting to increase the number of pictures, which is entirely possible by adding a certain amount of fee.

The same goes for wedding photo books. But they are able to handle more pictures in them since you print on both sides and the paper is not as thick as the photo paper in albums.

How long does a wedding photographer need to finish?

Normally, wedding photographers are able to finish them in 4 months (after you finish selecting the pictures). You can see this on the contract form that you sign. Depending on how many pictures in the album, you’ll get it faster or slower than the agreed time. Some do take a little bit longer than 4 months. You’ll want to keep in touch with them to know the progress of your album.