A Typical Wedding Plan

Getting to organize a wedding is one of the most tasking things ever. female wedding photographerHere is a wedding plan highlighted below to help you properly plan your wedding.



  • The bride is tasked with choosing the person that will preside over the wedding, that is, the wedding officiator.
  • The bride is tasked with securing a wedding planner
  • The bride is tasked with booking and securing the wedding location
  • The bride is also tasked with booking and securing the wedding venue


  • The groom goes in search of buying beautiful wedding rings for the bride.
  • The groom sets and estimates the financial plan then discusses it with the fiancée.


  • The bride and groom both consult the parents or sponsor on the financial situation and possible support
  • They plan and set a budget and both decide the guest count
  • They decide the style of wedding photography they want, be it traditional, reportage or contemporary wedding photography style.
  • The format of wedding be it formal or informal.



  • Choose the color theme for the wedding and reception
  • The vendors can be chosen by the bride, the female wedding photographer, the videographer, wedding florist, interior decorator, food caterer
  • The bride decides the attendants at the wedding, which includes bridesmaid, bridal train, the matron of honor, ring bearer and flower girls
  • She purchases her bridal gown and fashion accessories


  • The groom decides the best man, the groomsmen and the ushers for the wedding
  • Starts earnest plans for the destination of the honeymoon


  • They begin planning the honeymoon and discussing the destination the groom set
  • They schedule and book engagement sessions with the female wedding photographer
  • Accommodation for the guests that are coming from remote areas are sorted out and if it is a destination wedding, the accommodation for all the guests are sorted out.
  • Set reservation for the wedding rehearsals



  • Check with the wedding vendors on the progress made on the respective orders you have booked and their availability
  • Prepare travelling documents especially for the honeymoon
  • Check with the bridal train on plans concerning the color and pattern of the wedding dress.


  • Select and decide the wears and attire for the groom and the best men.
  • Kicks off plans on the wedding rehearsal
  • Makes reservation for the hotel room on the wedding night


  • They prepare marriage and license requirements
  • Make final decisions on the guest list.



  • Send mail invitation to all guests
  • Choose gifts for the male and female attendants


  • Buy gifts for the groomsmen


  • Ensure all the wedding vendors are up to speed.



  • Meet with the wedding planner and prepare the program of events
  • Confirm rehearsal dates with bridal party
  • Schedule appointment with the makeover stylists


  • Schedule appointment date with the makeover stylist
  • Ensure the honeymoon details are crosschecked




  • Place a call to the wedding planner and ensure that everything is in place.

Prepping For Your Wedding A Year Out

Scout out ceremony and reception venues.

wedding photographer hertfordshireYou need to know for sure that you get to nail these wedding venues down pat as much as possible in order for things to work out for you in all of the best ways. You need to be prepared to get down to the nitty gritty little details because if you miss out on anything or if you forget about something that obviously makes an impact to the kind of wedding day that you are mapping out at some point or so, you are going to have a really hard time coming with something that you are going to like or love at the end of the day. It is important that you have ceremony and reception venues that you are over the moon about.

It makes it fairly easy for you to be over the moon about the rest of the other things that you are planning to have for the wedding. This can make all of the difference in the world. If you don’t, you might end up regretting it and you might not have something that you would want to go ahead and remember for years and years to come. Bring your wedding photographer Hertfordshire along with you when you are conducting ocular visits of the place so that you can get some insight into the photographic potential of the venues that you have been assessing and thinking about booking when it all comes down to it.

Take the time to talk to friends and relatives.

The wedding is grand and it will require a lot of planning and bringing things together but among all of the details, the people who are closest to you and to your partner whom you are marrying should top the list. Talk to them. Things will start getting busy pretty soon and you might not have as much time to spend with them as you would probably like. Make sure as well that you get to go ahead and tell them about your plans for the wedding first. You should not allow the people closest to you to find out about the engagement over social media, along with the rest of the world. You need to make them feel special as they are special and as they have been there for you for most of your life, if not for your entire life and for more years to come. Get your wedding photographer Hertfordshire to meet up with them as well. They will relax better if their photos aren’t being taken by a complete stranger.

Have an engagement party.

This can really help kick the wedding planning off and help you really get the right mindset and perspective for what you are trying to do. It is the aspect of making things official, in every sense of the word. Plus, you get to at least warm up your event planning skills. The longer you do it, the better you get at it.

Work on your gift registry.

Go for gift options that are practical and that you can actually use long after the wedding is over.

Treating Your Wedding Photographer

A wedding photographer Hertfordshire has his job cut out for him when he is doing wedding photography.

wedding photographer HerfordshireThe whole wedding photography process which starts months before the wedding and ends once he finally gives you the album is very stressful and can take its toll on your wedding photographer Hertfordshire. As such, wedding photographers should be handled with care. Clients should always remember that your wedding photographer is your ally and will help you to the best of their ability to create amazing wedding photography that would wow everyone who gets a glimpse of them. What people don’t know is that you can get even better wedding photos which could also be lower in price if and only if you treat your wedding photographer rightly. Here is how you can snag a great deal with your wedding photograph.

The first thing you can do in treating your wedding photographer nicely is to adhere to the schedule previously agreed upon.

Some couples think themselves so important that they change wedding photography schedules on a whim. What they don’t understand is that their wedding photography isn’t the only one the wedding photographer is working on. In fact wedding photographers take up to five to seven projects per week and have allotted ample time for each one. Changing schedules can cause so much trouble for wedding photographers that they often drop the project that wishes for a change in date. In the unlikely case that your wedding photographer Hertfordshire permits the change in schedule expect him not to be as enthusiastic while he is working on your wedding photography.

A change in schedule may prompt a change of heart in a wedding photographer and this isn’t a good thing.

The other thing that would get you brownie points from your wedding photographer is if you give out compliments generously. Wedding photographers put their heart and soul in the wedding photography that they are working on. If you genuinely love the quality or output they are giving you, say it out loud. This will up their confidence level and surely put you on their awesome client list. Take note, give honest compliments. They will know if you are faking it and that doesn’t really give you a gold star. If there work isn’t praise worthy, don’t give out praises. You can give constructive criticism instead. Just make sure to watch your work and toning.

During the wedding day it would be best if you think about adding your wedding photographer in the reception list.

This means you should feed your wedding photographer. Wedding photography is a very labor intensive job. Wedding photographers usually will be the first ones to arrive at the wedding venue and the last to leave. And weddings usually take a long time to conclude. By the end of all the formalities, everyone is hungry and that includes your wedding photographer who had to run around the place, photographing anything and everything that moves. As such, by the end of the wedding they would probably be so hungry that they could it an actual horse.

Be a darling client and offer them food and surely you’ll get a grateful smile and even a slash on the price. Do these things and build a professional relationship with your wedding photographer Hertfordshire. It would be in your best interest to check out Clare Tam-im Photography.