Planning A Fantasy Themed Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is getting crazier and crazier every year.

wedding photographer peterboroughThe well –loved traditional wedding photography is no longer a trend. In fact, new and unconventional wedding photography styles are taking the world by storm. Couples are now thinking of ways on how to make their wedding photos bigger, bolder, and flashier. The more props and intricate poses the better. Wedding photographers have their work cut out for them. They need to be able to please their clients by coming up with better concepts for the wedding photography. It is the concepts that dictate how bold or flashy your wedding photography will be. If you want creative wedding pictures, make sure to have a creative concept. One concept that is surely out-of-this-world is fantasy. It is a unique theme and will be great for your wedding photography. Here is how to do it.

Firstly, pick an area in the fantasy section and do research.

The realm of fantasy is very large and you will not be able to cover everything for your wedding photographer. The best option would be to talk with your wedding photographer Peterborough to select a portion of the fantasy you want for your wedding. You both can decide whether you want an elves only shoot or a fairy kingdom shot. Some couples take it to the extreme by choosing sirens which live in the water. The point is, you should be able to lay down which parts of the fantasy realm you would like for the wedding photography. After knowing which part you like, do research. You need to understand the fantasy to re-create it in your wedding photography. It is important that you do this months before the actual shoot.

Second, prepare the props and locations.

In this stage, do not neglect to talk with your wedding photographer Peterborough. You both need to coordinate in the selection of the props and location. Both of you must have the same vision for the wedding photography in order to avoid misunderstandings. Since fantasy is so diverse, you need to sit down and select the props and location which suit your general theme for the fantasy themed wedding photography. Pick props that bring out the fantasy in your pictures. For example, if you wanted a fairy princess, have the bride wear fairy wings and the location in the woods. You need to look for props and locations which bring out the ambiance of fantasy in your wedding photos.

Last, add special effects.

Fantasy involves defying reality. You want unrealistic wedding photos. This can be done by your wedding photographer Peterborough. Talk to him about adding special effects to enhance the fantasy vibe in your wedding pictures. Let him be as creative as ever. Of course, make sure your wedding photographer Peterborough doesn’t go overboard. You don’t want your wedding pictures to look like a Power Rangers movie poster. The key to getting great fantasy wedding photos is to have minimal but extraordinary special effects. You just want to enhance the picture not reconstruct it. Opt for a few balls of light over a power beams. This will help you get fantastic fantasy themed wedding pictures without it looking so edited.