Tips For Getting Ready Pictures: Brides and Photographers Alike Must Read

Lancashire wedding photographyAmong many wedding pictures clients ask, getting ready session is gaining popularity in Lancashire wedding photography and more couples regretted not doing one when they could have. Because time is of essence and that you cannot ask your clients to strip again for the pictures, make sure to note this and inform your clients of ways to let the session rolls on smoothly!

Stay calm

Among the hectic and chaos of all the preparations that you need to do, stay calm is one approved advice that any photographer would give. In a calm state, you are more likely to do things in an orderly manner and saves the time for your photographer to get going immediately.

One way to achieve this state of tranquility is to have a proper discussion with your photographer. Talk and explain how the Lancashire wedding photography session would work and what actually works for both the bride and the photographer. You also need to plainly explain how far do your want the getting ready pictures to be; is it just the make up and wearing your shoes or a complete version.

When your photographer arrive, introduce to all the people that you want involved in your getting ready room and let them do their things. After they have finished on deciding their camera setting, they’d start taking pictures of you and tell you when they need something.

The Room


Maybe you never thought about it but where you are shooting your getting ready pictures really matter! It can be your home, a bridal suite or a room in a hotel where you hold your wedding. Make sure the place is somewhere you’d love to see in your wedding album and has enough natural light shining in.

Cleaning up

It’s a mess, we all know that. Clothes scattered on the floor, empty plastic bags are everywhere and the wardrobe is empty for some reasons. And that big suitcase, after hanging the wedding dress, you just don’t know what to do with it.

Save the time of cleaning up by hiding the plastic bags and extra clothes in the wardrobe, shoving the suitcase under the bed or just drag them out and put them in some other room. If you are staying in a hotel room, for example, you can clean up everything and get ready the night before.

Wedding dress

Solo shoot of your wedding dress is one of the most important part here. To do this you need to make sure that there are enough lightning to shoot the details of the dress or hang the dress on a big window and opt to shoot the dress from somewhere outside. This requires good communication between you and your client or your second photographer.

Bridesmaid dresses should not be left out. These make additional cute pictures for you to remember!

Make time

The total time you’d spend wearing your wedding dress before the party would be around an hour. This includes take pictures of you with your bridesmaids, your protective dad, loving mother and family portrait. First look with dad is also a special moment that all fathers would love to have for a keepsake if you are printing your album for your parents too!

Groom and bestmen

Make sure the groom has not wear his jacket and half button his shirt. You can get pictures of the groom buttoning up, wearing the jacket, locking his cufflinks and using his perfume. If you are working alone, you would want your clients to leave you more time and do it one by one.