Wedding Photography: Is it Worth Paying More?

Cheshire wedding photographerIt’s a common question many couples make. Can price becomes a guarantee? Couples are hesitant to ask to their photographers, but the fact is that many photographers love to chime in to answer this question to help them make the right decisions because wedding album is the only thing that will be left of the wedding reception.


Among the many things, experience is the first thing that not even a huge amount of money can buy. It’s a time investment that varies from one photographer to another. Moreover, each photographer has different kind of experience that may or may not fit with your needs. For example, Cheshire wedding photographer is very used to taking pictures in castles and garden-themed wedding parties where sun exposure is high and the background tends to be spacious and wide.


They say that experience cannot completely define results, but it’s different with awards. There are some experienced photographers, but only a handful of them are award-winning wedding photographers. It is a feat that not simply experiences can cut it.

Unexpected events

Long experience also means that these photographers have faced at least a couple of problems during their photography session, let it be uncooperative weather or technical problems.


Wedding photographers take more than just pictures. They come with a clear purpose: capturing timeless pictures of your wedding and creating an album that does not lose its authenticity and beauty for a very long time.


Quality can become a very subjective matter. What looks really great to you may not be so to the others. And so, it is important that you ask yourself: Do I want my wedding album to look like this? Scroll and flip through photographers portfolios as you seek to a solid ‘yes’ answer to your question.


Rating is another factor at play that cannot be forged by photographers and proven by previous customers. These ratings and reviews show how their work relationships were like and tells you if the price worth it. The reason you can trust them is because they, too, are people in search of a quality Cheshire wedding photographer.

Physical investment

Physical investment in wedding photography tends to be missed by those who are not knowledgeable in the field. There three things photographers invest: cameras and gears, studio and time.

Cameras and gears

No photographer would and should come with only one camera. Problems happen and sometimes, at time you hardly expect them to. An extra camera is to make sure that capturing your party does not have to be put on hold if the main camera starts to act up. These two cameras already sum up at least $4000-$5000 and they are categorized as decent. A higher quality camera demands for at least $5000 each.

Lenses are different issues. Depending on the place, lightning and theme of the party, your photographer may have to switch to more suitable lens. Each one of this cost a few hundred dollars and most photographers have at least two to a good amount of six lenses.


The place where the gallery stands and to meet their clients in comfort requires attention and care from time to time. Not only that, your photo editing stage also happens in this place and only laptops or computers of high quality can make it happen.


Working on one project does not take only 8 hours of two days shooting; you have to count the time spent on preparing, consulting and editing your photos. Mostly, it takes up to a week worth of work for just the photography and a few months to print out your album and delivering them is a bespoke album with a meticulously crafted box for your USB stick.