Wedding Photography Must-Know for Couples

Napa wedding photographerThe wedding is getting real. The hype of getting engaged has calmed down and now is the time to start focusing on a bigger stage of your life. This also means that you need search suitable vendors.

But, before knowing that you’ve gotten yourself the right Napa wedding photographer, you need to have at least the basic knowledge. You’ll be able to make a better decision this way.

1.       Album vs. Book

Have you ever noticed that some photographers call the finish products as album while others, books? Yes, there’s different and generally, albums are more expensive. The reason lies in how your pictures are printed and the materials used for the covers. Books will have pictures printed on two sides of the paper and some of the pictures are spread across two pages. Albums have only one side of the paper printed with pictures.

2.       Digital vs. Film

Digital pictures don’t require a physical film except for a memory card. It is much more time-saving compared to the film which requires special care and technique.You can also preview the pictures as soon as you finish shooting and decide whether you should redo or take the pictures from a different angle.

According to experts, digital allows photographers a wider choice to experiment with lighting and angle.

As for the film, they are richer in highlights and shadows. Although they are older, they are not necessarily lacking in resolution and picture quality. A larger format picture when scanned can produce pictures equivalent up to 200 MP photographs. There’s also the overheating issue that film is never concerned with.

Cost-wise? Digital tends to be much cheaper.

3.       Style

There are several styles you need to know and get familiar with.

Classic/formal/posed pictures

This is a more traditional take on pictures. It is taken outside the wedding party is the typical picture that you’ll hang in your bedroom.

This is also the style that you use to take group pictures. This is off then the must-have in wedding photography. Parents and grandparents will typically love these pictures and would like to have a copy of these for themselves. You can consider them as a family portrait for your wedding event.


This is a documentary style where the story of your wedding is taken one-by-one as everything unfolds naturally. Typically, your photographer will not be interrupting or forcing you into posing in the middle of the event.

The upside of this is that your wedding will look very natural and original. Whenever you look back to your album, you will be able to look at it as if you are reliving the very day again.

Fine art

This is a more different take. You can say that it is more to how your photographer envisions the picture and realizing them by posing and positioning himself to get that particular shot. The result is mesmerizing and breathtaking pictures that look like an art that you’d want to brag to others about.

It often incorporates the weather and unexpected turn of event to create memorable pictures. Rain and snow, for example, makes a great addition to fill in the bland background. Playing with lighting to highlight several parts and dampen others is also a technique frequently used.

Relaxed/ life style

This has a lighter and laid back tone to the pictures. People are seen as enjoying themselves and simply laying on the grass or sitting on the couch chatting with each other. Lifestyle is more of a depiction of the daily life of a couple by taking pictures of the couple strolling through a local alley or posing in front of a landmark. Browse through for more examples of these pictures! She is a Napa wedding photographer who excels in relaxed photography style.


Most photographers will work by mixing all the different styles mentioned. But they will always have one style they are more skilled in.