Wedding Photography: Prepare Before the Battle

What battle?

wedding photographer CardiffThe fight against uncooperative weather, minimum lighting, loud crowd and (too) bright sunlight! But in this short article, we will be addressing only one problem: rainy weather. What’s worse than having a gloomy weather during such a beautiful day?

Play along

Let it rain. It’s not like you can change the weather, so rather than insisting to wait until it clears up, use this rare chance to snap some romantic pictures! There are a lot of ideas you can try from and you can find them all over the internet. Of course, it’ll depend on the equipment, venue and time of the day.

But one of the golden rule a wedding photographer Cardiff can always count on is to bring a transparent, bubble umbrella. Why? Because it’s cute!

Seriously, your clients, at least the brides, are going to love the pictures so much. Having a transparent instead of a colored umbrella lets viewers see what’s behind the umbrella. Although it won’t be as clear (yes, this is a hint for you).

Do a lifestyle photo session while you’re at it. Running across the street or the field when it’s raining simply releases the soul of children we all always have in us. Make it fun!

If you want something hotter, they said that a kiss under the rain is one of the most memorable and hottest pictures to see. But to do this, you need to build a good relationship with them. They have to be comfortable enough to let you snap their intimate moments. On the other side, you may need to say a word or two to let them just release their love at that moment.

If you need to hide, make it count

If the rain prevents you from taking a clear sunny picture, then wait inside! Snap some indoor pictures while you’re at it. Wedding venues typically decorate their places well, so make use of this time to explore the inner side of the venue.

The view from the inside is also something you can use. Find a beautiful window and snap some aesthetic images.

Bring a raincoat and lens hood

This is not only common sense for a wedding photographer Cardiff. It is important that you protect the line of vision of your camera and prevent water drops from getting on the lens (unless that’s part of the picture that you want). You don’t want to turn your camera into a brick either, so don’t forget this.

Fast shutter

Since waterfalls quickly, the faster is the shutter, the clearer the images will be. Depending on how heavy the rain is, the slow shutter will create long lines along the pictures to almost-invisible rain.

Fast shutter creates a time-stop effect on pictures as the water drops stop midair. The slow shutter will give a more realistic feel to the images.

Wait for it to clear up

Pretty sure that every couple would like to have at least more pictures in the sunny weather. The best way is to wait for it to clear up and snap some after-rain pictures.

The damp and cold weather, as well as the dark clouds, give off a more serious, romantic and intimate feel. Make use of natural image reflector of pools and the seemingly new look of the location you’ve chosen.

Lots of people say that rainy pictures look amazing. But the fact is that they look good when matched with brighter pictures. Using gloomy pictures throughout the whole album will deaden the feel instead of creating a happy wedding album.