Wedding Rehearsal: Are You Inviting Your Wedding Photographer?

wedding photographer AdelaideWhen you consider the people that are invited to your rehearsal, you think about whether or not it is in norm to do so. Sometimes, clients think that a wedding rehearsal followed by dinner is a time for the two families to spend some time together. Others think that vendors like your wedding photographer Adelaide deserve to be invited.

What should you do and what are the implications of whether or not your invite your wedding photographer?

To know the place

The first thing that photographer gets from being invited is that they get to know about the venue with you. It gives them the chance to visit the place while meeting your family members as well. It’s especially useful if it’s your photographer’s first experience of shooting in that particular place.

Being at the venue in person will also give them a better idea on the right setting to use for their camera. They can also plan additional equipment to bring if necessary.

To know your family

Another job of a photographer is to get to know the families. The significant of whether they know the person that will be shooting before the wedding is quite huge. It can impact the expression that they’ll show in front of the camera later on. The more familiar and relaxed they are around the photographer, the better the results of the pictures will be.

It’ll also put your family members at ease if they know their photographer before the wedding day. It gives them a sense of being shot by someone they’ve known before. A wedding photographer Adelaide like won’t pass up the chance because of this.

To feel more comfortable with them

You can also feel the positive effect of having your photographer attending the rehearsal. Being the main character of the day can bring stress to you. It can affect your mood and you might even feel burdened on your supposedly happy day. But, with knowing that you have someone trusted around you, instead of feeling like you have a stalker for the whole day can lessen that burden.

Comfort, again, is something that plays a big part in your expression and results of the pictures. The more relaxed you are, the better your pictures will be.

To show respect

Many photographers, regardless of whether they’ll come or not, feel more respected if they know their clients are inviting them. It tells them that they matter in the preparation of the special day and that their coming will be very much appreciated.

You can choose whether or not to invite them to the dinner as well, but most photographers won’t mind it.

For a better wedding

Lastly, you never know if your photographer has something up to his sleeve. He might be more experienced and knows when a wedding preparation isn’t right. He can give his honest opinions to help you reconsider. As there are still a few days or weeks before your wedding, it’ll do you well to think carefully about it.

And any professional wedding photographer Adelaide would offer their suggestions free of charge! Just as long as you remember to send that invitation to your rehearsal.