Royal Oak vs Kingsford Pellets: Choosing the Best

Choosing the right pellet for your BBQ is important and this is the reason we have decided to look at Royal Oak vs Kingsford debate.  

The fundamental of cooking is heat management. This means transferring heat from the pellets to the food, and if done the right way, you can enjoy a digestible, enhanced flavor, juicy, and more nutritious meal.

Done wrong and with the wrong pellets, you can rest assured of ending up in a hospital bed with stomach problem from consuming raw food or meat.

Royal Oak and Kingsford Brands

Companies that produce pellets aren’t in this business for a one-time sale by hoodwinking buyers with marketing and gimmicks. They try to maintain repeat sales by providing the best pellet smoker for the money. This is also true of Royal Oak and Kingsford brads.

The two brands produce high-quality products that make it hard to differentiate them. However, their pellets differ in many ways as outlined below:

Kingsford Pellets

Kingsford pellets have a long history in the grilling industry. Henry Ford came up with the idea of converting wood scraps into charcoal that can be used for cooking. With such a rich, long history, it’s no surprise that many people use Kingsford products when grilling.

One thing that makes Kingsford pellets unique is its distinctive flavor that makes BBQ taste even better. Besides, these products produce sufficient heat to prepare your food within 10 minutes.

The pellets burn for a long time and are 100% natural. Moreover, they are made to burn longer while producing less ash than other pellets out there.

They are the pellets to get when slow cooking of smoking meat. You can easily find Kingsford products at most online and local stores.

Royal Oak Pellets

Royal Oak is another brand that has been in the industry for quite a long time – since the 1950s. It is a family business that tries to provide what customers want.

Royal Oak pellets come in different flavors including mint lite and authentic smoke flavor. Its products feature unique ridges that make them burn more efficiently and produce less ash.

These pellets are more affordable than Kingsford ones and are easily available. Another thing you should note is that they burn hotter and are more durable than most pellets today. They will last for long, proving you value for your money.

Royal Oak and Kingsford Pellets

Both Royal Oak and Kingsford products are of high-quality and will match your grilling needs – but the flavor might differ. They both burn quite effectively with little ash to clean.

Many people argue that Royal Oak pellet provides the most delicious meat or food due to its smoke.

In Conclusion

Royal Oak vs Kingsford debate will not end any time soon. These are two different brands that cater to different markets.

However, you should always consider the pros and cons of choosing either of the two brands. Also, you should consider the price and the durability of the pellets before you decide to settle for one.